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We love visiting different areas in Costa Rica, touristy places and other local secret spots. It’s such a small country that you can go from one side to the other in just one day, but so diverse that you can find multiple different microclimates and sceneries everywhere you go.

Discounted tourism rates and special deals have been available for Ticos (Costa Ricans) and residents for a long time to encourage them to travel locally, especially during the low season. There are so many different places to visit that it’s our desire that you can also travel like a Tico, or even better, experiencing the best Costa Rica offers while saving some money too. 

We’re working with affiliated companies nationwide and have already negotiated exclusive tourism discounted rates for you. If you decide to book with any of the affiliated companies, you will not only have the peace of mind that you’re choosing an excellent service, but you’ll also have the necessary support with the booking and payment process. 

We’d love to be there to help you save time, money and minimize the stress and uncertainty that comes with planning a trip to a different country so you can get the most out of your vacation. We’ll also be happy to review your trip and any ideas you may have, give you recommendations based on our experience and knowledge and what we think will fit well with what you’re looking to experience here.

The Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort and Jardín del Edén Boutique Hotel are exceptional accommodations in Tamarindo, Guanacaste that you can book through the project now and get the pleasure to visit at 10% OFF their normal rates, as well as Capitán Suizo Beachfront Boutique Hotel and Awa Beach Boutique Hotel in Punta Uva, Puerto Viejo.


To move from one place to another consider Adobe Rent a Car or Interbus Shuttle Service if you’re not driving. Some activities and recommended tours in other locations have been included in the growing list of 10% OFF too. 



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