Local Products + Shipping Services USA-CR

A healthy and nutritious diet is one of the secrets of the centenarians who live in Nicoya Peninsula, one of the only five Blue Zones in the world, that’s located in Costa Rica. I’d love for you to taste some organic and delicious natural products from this region, that perhaps you’d like to incorporate into your regular diet to live over 100 years too.

Costa Rican Organic High Altitude Coffee is also a favorite, and nothing like the heavy-pesticide coffee you find commercially. Monthly orders of these products are available at the best prices through special partnerships that have been negotiated for you with companies like Blue Zones Nicoya. For your comfort, we’d also love to organize the logistics and take care of your orders so you can just wait for them at home.

Although we love to treat our clients with local products, we’re also aware that there are some things we cannot find locally, and even Costa Ricans ship from foreign countries. When importing packages into the country, it’s advisable to always go through a third party that can deal with customs. Most of us do it that way here and that’s why we got your back on this one too, setting everything up for your comfort.

We’ve been using an exceptional local service for more than a year now without inconvenience. We coordinate with them all the logistics and payments, so you can just send us your tracking number and forget about your package until we let you know that it’s out of customs and ready for delivery. We’ll also make sure to find the easiest, fastest and more affordable way for you to receive your packages at home, wherever that would be in Costa Rica. 

When starting a life abroad, we always advise our clients to make sure they have what brings them comfort, a sense and feeling of home and anything that will make their lives better, and because we’re also supporting local businesses and Costa Rican families when using this logistic service, there’s no need to feel guilty about not purchasing locally.

Get in touch! We’d be more than happy to recommend other specific services as needed and connect you with the right person or company, whether that would be a prestigious real estate agent in Guanacaste province or a relocation company to make your move to Costa Rica easy and smooth.

You can place a one-time order or ship a package USA – CR once, but we highly recommend you to join one of the subscriptions to access more benefits. 

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