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Lamont and Regina

We are planning to move to Costa Rica in 2024. We started with a relocation service that told us about Erika Lobo for Spanish Classes. We’ve been working with Erika weekly for more than a year. Erika has been exceptional in teaching us about the Costa Rican culture, as well as training us in Spanish. She is very well versed with the knowledge and practical experience of the Costa Rican culture. Her actual experiences and open truthfulness about the Costa Rican culture makes her a great tutor and creates an atmosphere of trust as one of her clients. She answers the real down to earth questions about living in Costa Rica and gives you a comfort level that’s needed as someone moving there from another country. Erika is someone we can trust. 

Along with her knowledge of the Costa Rican culture, Erika is well versed in the Spanish language. She knows the technicalities of Spanish, but teaches us how to learn the language in a simplified manner. Teaching us practical ways to make the learning fun. We’ve not only learned Spanish, but the way that Spanish is spoken in Costa Rica. We’ve learned the slang words that Tico’s use, which has already proven to be helpful in connecting with them. Her patient, flexible and “no question is a bad question” approach has made the learning atmosphere very open and receptive.

Overall, we truly enjoy Erika as our tutor. She was a great selection for us and has become not only a tutor, but also a trusted friend. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent Spanish and Costa Rican Tutor.

Lamont and Regina Henderson

Chicago, USA