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10. Tom and Rosanne

Tom and Rosanne

Erika was our Spanish teacher for over a year.  One of the aspects that I really enjoyed was not only learning Spanish, but also learning about the Tico culture and words that are specific to that culture.  Erika was always prompt, courteous, cheerful and willing to go the extra mile.  When we were trying to get an appointment for our Covid vaccine, I called her and she spoke to the people at the EBAIS for us, greatly reducing our anxiety.  

Erika facilitated the transfer of our shipments from the US (mainly Amazon) to Costa Rica and then directly to our community.  Through her contact, we had our purchases shipped to a Florida address which was then brought to Costa Rica.  We didn’t have to deal with customs which was such a Godsend to us.  Things can be complicated enough when trying to navigate a new country with all of their associated laws so this eliminated a lot of stress for us.  

We also purchase our coffee through Erika and other products from the Blue Zones Nicoya company.  She regularly sends out messages to let us know that she will be sending in an order and provides us with a spreadsheet of costs and a web link so that we can choose our items.  She negotiates a reduction in the regular prices and passes the savings on to us … sometimes even at 50% off.

We have recommended Erika to a number of friends with no reservations whatsoever.  You can’t go wrong with Erika as your teacher and friend.

Tom Monk and Rosanne Belanger

Guanacaste, Costa Rica